Sun Valley

by Steve Roberts

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I wrote this about 20 years ago but what was true then is true today. I can't find the 16 Tambourines recording so here's a live take from a few years ago.


Give me your poor on the edge of a dream and I'll reat them like kings
Coz I am their order and I am their law they'll love what I bring.
In days such as these I can pout I can tease I can give I can take.

For I am the future your future I'll own bend with me or you'll break.
If you sit in misery give yourself give your soul to me
There's a place and I'm hoping you'll stay.

Some may call this gutter alley I call it Sun Valley
Here are your dreams you will be happy down in the Sun Valley.

I bought the sky for a very high price now I'll share it with you.
You're safe in your homes I helped you to own now I'll share my views.
I know what you want I know what you need I know what is right.
You're all peasant swine but you're all fucking mine and I'll do what I like.

So give me your poor on the edge of a dream I'll distract them with queens.
Nudes, role models, football teams and high transfer fees.
In ways such as these I can point I can lead backwards down blind alleys.
To be like lotus eaters drugged by the warmth of languid sun valley.


released July 6, 2011
Steve Roberts. Additional lyrics Simon Driver